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Reliable Service

Identifying issues as they arise, as well as defining how to deal with them, has traditionally been problematic.

In solving problems relating to these issues, we propose a unique problem-solving method. In our model, these problem is stated, facts are checked, and a list of options is generated by considering relevant factors relating to the problem.

The actual action taken is influenced by specific ethical standards. Thus chance of that problem arising again is minimal.

Quick Response

Speed is everything, especially when a client is requesting something that’s time-sensitive. We reply to our clients as soon as we can. Procrastinating on a response to a client’s email, phone call or voicemail doesn’t help anyone; we have to reply eventually, so why not do it as soon as possible? We avoid that "mark as unread" button in our client's email.

Even if we can’t work on the task any client requesting us to accomplish right away, at least we let them know we got their request and then we supply them with a timeline of when we’re able to get the task completed.

Best Service

Best service means having thorough knowledge of our customer, experience with our products, and being able to help customers make the best choices for them. When we work at K2 Computer Services, We spend few minutes each month looking at the newest products, to make sure we are fully aware of our customer's equipment performance, and could make knowledgeable recommendations to customers.

Best service means helping customers efficiently, in a friendly manner. It's one of the things that has set our business apart from the others of its kind.

Desktop & Laptop Repair

  • Work mainly with desktop and laptop computers
  • Maintenance of the computer hardware
  • We can troubleshoot most problem that arises in the computer
  • We have knowledge of software that help in computer repair
  • We know how to completely assemble a whole computer
  • We have the ability to work round the clock
  • If problems arise in the network at any time, we will be available to fix the problem
  • We are always updated on the latest computer periphery
  • We do Service computer from time to time to make sure they are working at their best

Network Solutions

  • We plan computer network installations
  • We installs computer networks, network file servers, including network operating system software
  • We evaluates, install, configure, maintain, test and upgrade computer hardware and software
  • We install network cabling for both local and campus-wide networks
  • We ensures the optimal performance of networks
  • We provide technical guidance and assistance, including post-installation support on networking issues
  • We use equipment such as a network analyzer, memory tester, and a variety of electronic test equipment

Web Design Solution

  • We create innovative and authentic web designs
  • We meet with the clients and consult them on their needs and expectations
  • We suggest and advice for producing web based technical regulations and modules for peculiar websites
  • We set up and install websites
  • We enhance the website coding procedures by employing scripting languages and producing open source script alterations, customized plugins, code snippets, etc.
  • We do transform unprocessed layouts and images into XHTML and CSS themes
  • We add new technologies in the website for improving their overall functioning

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Our Highly Profession Team Members have worked on many project.

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